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Using Bookmarks and Favorite Items

Favorites and bookmarks are your trusty sidekicks for creating quick shortcuts to your go-to items. These handy features make accessing your frequently opened documents a breeze, keeping everything just a tap away. 

Add a Library Item to Favorites

Eager to create shortcuts to your most-used items? Adding favorites and bookmarks makes it super easy to retrieve frequently opened documents in a snap!

Add to Favorites:

    • Simply tap the Star icon in the top right corner of a document or on a folder in your library. It’s now in your Favorites tab.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 20.36.01.png


Bookmark a Page:

    • Want quick access to a specific page? Open it, tap the Bookmark icon, and it’s instantly added to your Favorites. To un-bookmark, just tap the icon again.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 20.39.00.png

Side Bar Shortcut:

    • You can also bookmark pages directly from the side bar. Just a tap, and your page is bookmarked or un-bookmarked!

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 20.46.57.png

Viewing Your Favorite Items

All your cherished documents and pages are neatly stored in the Favorites tab. Dive in and access them effortlessly whenever you need!

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Remove from Favorites: Removing an item is a breeze. Just tap the Star or Bookmark icon again, and it’s gone from Favorites.

Best Practices for Using Favorites

Quick Access to Specific Pages:

    • Need to reference an important page often? Bookmark it! Whether it’s your journal index or your weekly schedule, find it quickly from your Favorites tab.

Organize Your Tasks:

    • Turn Favorites into a to-do list! Add documents related to tasks you need to complete. Finished proofreading an article or signing a contract? Simply remove it from Favorites with a tap.

Happy Bookmarking!