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Write with the Zoom Window

The Zoom window lets you write very neatly with your large finger or stylus. The window at the bottom magnifies a part of the page which corresponds to the blue box on the page.



Write with auto-advance

For a fluent note-taking experience, GoodNotes lets you write continuously in the Zoom window. As soon as you cross the middle of the Zoom window with any pen stroke, a blue area will appear both on the left side of the window and on the page. Continue writing in this area will automatically move the blue box on the page forward. Auto-advance can be disabled as instructed below.



Resize the Zoom box

You can resize the Zoom box on the page to cover only a region of interest. The smaller the box, the higher the magnification level of the Zoom window.

There are two resize handles for the Zoom box. Drag on the first one diagonally to resize both the height and width. Drag on the second vertically to resize the height.


If you don't see the second handle, rotate your device to portrait, grab the top border of the Zoom window and drag it up all the way to reveal the handle.

Additional settings of the Zoom window

To enable/disable auto-advance: From the document view, open the More menu (...) in the top-right corner > Document Editing, and toggle the "Auto Advance" setting.

You can adjust the Zoom window return height for a specific template. See: How to adjust Zoom window return height for a template