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[GoodNotes 5] Draw perfect lines, curves, and shapes

GoodNotes helps you turn hand-drawn lines or shapes into perfect geometric ones.

Supported shapes

  • Lines
  • Ovals / Circles
  • Rectangles / Squares
  • Triangles / Polygons
  • Curves

Drawing shapes

With the Pen/Highlighter tool

Use the Pen to draw a shape in one stroke, but hold your stylus tip at the end of the stroke, and GoodNotes will perfect the shape. As soon as the shape is created, if you keep holding the stylus and move its tip, the shape will change accordingly. 

With the Shape tool

You can also use the Shape tool and draw a shape in one stroke, but without holding the stylus tip like with the Pen tool.

Editing/Moving a shape

1. While the Pen tool is selected, tap on the shape with your finger (not your Apple Pencil). Alternatively, choose the Shape tool and simply tap on the shape.
2. Adjust the control points of the shape, or move it around.


Color-filling a shape

Further settings can be accessed by tapping the Pen or Shape tool twice.

Require Hold to Snap (Shape tool setting only): Disable this if you want to draw completely vertical or horizontal lines without holding the pen.

Fill Color: Every closed shape you draw will be filled transparently with the selected color. You can select a shape with the Lasso tool, tap the selection, and choose Color to change the color of both the outline and the filling.

Snap to Other Shapes: Drawing a line/curve and holding the stylus tip close to an endpoint of another line/curve will connect both of them automatically. This is great for drawing tables or a closed shape, for example. A closed shape can then be adjusted and moved as a whole.