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Use favorites and bookmarks

Favorites and bookmarks allow you to create shortcuts to frequently opened items for quick retrieval.

Add a library item to Favorites

Tap on the Star icon in the upper right of a document or folder thumbnail in your library and it will be added to the Favorites tab.

Bookmark / Un-bookmark a page

While viewing that page, open the More menu (...) in the top-right corner >  Add to Favorites / Remove from Favorites:


Remove an item from the Favorites tab of the library view

Removing the item from the list of favorites is as simple as tapping the Star or the Bookmark icon again.



Best practices for using Favorites:

  • If you often need to access a single page from a document, bookmark it to quickly find it from the Favorites tab. This could be your index page from a journal or a school/work schedule.
  • Favorites can work as to-do lists as well. If you need to get something done that involves one or more documents, add them to Favorites. When you've completed the task that involves that document, just remove it from Favorites with a single tap. This could be an article that you still need to proofread or a contract that you need to sign.

Note that the Bookmarks feature from GoodNotes 4 is now called Custom Outlines.