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Insert an image with the Image Tool

GoodNotes lets you create multi-media notes that include handwriting, images, and typed text. You can add images to the page using drag & drop or with the Image Tool.

By tapping anywhere on the page

  1. Select the Image Tool from the toolbar
  2. Tap anywhere on the page 
  3. Select an image you want to add from "Photos" or "Insert from..." and choose from your Files

From the contextual menu


The Image Tool's contextual menu will show your most recent images from your Photos.

  1. Select the Image Tool from the toolbar
  2. Tap on one of the images you want to add to the page OR drag and drop the image thumbnail to the page from the contextual menu

Edit images

As long as the Image Tool stays selected, you can edit any image on the page by tapping on it.


Add an image as a whole page

GoodNotes allows you to add a single image as a whole page in order to annotate it:

  1. Tap the "Add page" icon near the top-right corner of the document view.
  2. If necessary, tap "Before", "After", or "Last Page" to indicate where the new image will be in relation to the current page.
  3. Tap "Image", then select an image from Photos.

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