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Creating a new note using "QuickNote"

QuickNote is a new feature of GoodNotes 5 that lets you create a new blank note instantly. You can start writing right away and don't have to choose a cover or template in the beginning.

How it works

There are two ways of creating a QuickNote:

  1. Double-tapping the New... (+) button in the library view.
  2. Tap that same (+) button and choose  "QuickNote".

This will create a new blank document that is always saved in the currently opened folder as a preliminary draft

If you tap the Back icon from the document view to go back to the library, you can choose to save or discard the QuickNote.



Setting the default paper template

Every new QuickNote created will use the default paper template, which is either that of the last created notebook, or the template you set as default in GoodNotes menu > Notebook Templates.


Best practices

  • Create a QuickNote whenever you want to jot something down without worrying about categorizing it later. You can always extend the new note or move it to an existing document/notebook subsequently.
  • Discarding QuickNotes helps keep your library clean from things you never plan on saving long-term. You can export a QuickNote page and then discard it by tapping on the Back icon.