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Type movable text with the Text tool

Use the Text Tool for a variety of means, whether you want to create a whole document with typed text, add a typed annotation to your PDF or add a title to the page. The Text tool allows you to create and text across all your Notebooks in a wide variety of fonts and colors, with the option to save new defaults too.

Create a text box

Choose the Text tool in the toolbar and tap anywhere on the page.


Format text

  1. Tap on the text box with the Text tool.
  2. If formatting the entire text, you can skip this step. If formatting only some text, tap Edit and select that exact text.
  3. Tap the desired text property in the contextual section to modify the entire text box. The properties listed there from left to right are font name, font size, alignment and line spacing (applies to the whole text box), color, and text box style (also applies to the whole text box).


Tip: to bold, italicize, underline, or strike through some text, use the appropriate button in the topmost row of the virtual keyboard.


Create a list as you type

  • To create a numbered list, type a number, a period and a space, then the first list item, e.g. "1. List item". Next, type each remaining list item on a new line.
  • To create a bulleted list, type a hyphen, a space, then the first list item, e.g. "- List item". Next, type each remaining list item on a new line.

Save a default text box style

GoodNotes lets you save a default text box style that will apply to new text boxes.

1. Set the properties of the text style.

2. Rotate your device to landscape.
3. In landscape view, tap the T icon having a blue heart on it and choose "Save as Default." If GoodNotes is opened in Split View, tap on the Text tool icon again to find "Save as Default."


Delete a text box

Choose the Text tool and tap the text box, then choose Delete. Alternatively, you can tap Edit on the selected text box and delete all its text.


  • Typed text resides in text boxes and it's currently not possible to type text on a full page like in a word processor.
  • Text can't go past page boundaries. If you paste large amounts of text from the clipboard onto a GoodNotes page, part of the text might be hidden. It's advisable to copy and paste text in small chunks to avoid this or resize the entire text box to make it fit the page.