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Which styluses does GoodNotes 5 support?

The following styluses are supported:

  • Apple Pencil 1st generation
  • Apple Pencil 2nd generation
  • Logitech Crayon
  • All non-Bluetooth capacitive styluses

Why doesn't GoodNotes 5 support third-party smart styluses?

After carefully investigating the efforts and considering all ramifications, we have decided to focus on optimizing GoodNotes 5 for use with first-party stylus technology found in the Apple Pencil, and the Logitech Crayon. We believe that the future of handwriting is on digital devices and a future like this is only possible when hardware and software work seamlessly together [1]. As for now, quality without compromise, including low-latency writing and pressure-sensitivity can only be delivered using these first-party styluses.

Apple is fully committed to this future and almost [2] all iPads released in recent years fully support the Apple Pencil. What has been previously reserved for high-end models like the iPad Pro 12.9'' and 9.7", is now available for entry-level models like the iPad 6th generation, too.

We want to offer our apologies to those of you who updated from GoodNotes 4, believing their third-party stylus would still work as it used to in GoodNotes 4. If you missed the free upgrade bundle, we recommend trying to request a refund from Apple and redownloading GoodNotes 4 instead, if you want to continue using your third-party stylus.

[1] The iPad screen constantly scans the Apple Pencil's position and is able to distinguish between the Pencil, and finger/palm input. This technology is not available to third parties, other than Apple's direct partner Logitech.
[2] Since November 2015, the only iPad Model released without support for the Apple Pencil has been the iPad 5th generation (August 30th, 2019)