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Images are missing from exported PDFs in GoodNotes 5

After exporting a PDF from GoodNotes, images might be missing when viewing them in specific PDF viewers or web browsers.
You might be able to see the same PDF export properly in other apps or our older versions like GoodNotes 4.

The file format GoodNotes 5 uses to store image information is JPEG2000. GoodNotes 4 used PNG, which had the downside that images could be very large, significantly increasing the size of the exported PDF. JPEG2000 format has the benefits of a small file size, while also supporting transparency like PNG.

The problem is that some PDF viewers do not support JPEG2000 and therefore can't display the images, while others can.

While we're working on a solution to introduce "compatibility," please use PDF viewers that support the JPEG2000 format.

If you have a Mac, you can also open the PDF in Preview, press command+P and then choose "Save As PDF." Then, the images should be properly displayed in other PDF viewers as well.