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Known Issues of GoodNotes 5

What's a known issue?

It's a frequently reported problem that's probably affecting you as well, and by listing these issues here, we hope to save you the trouble of reporting them.

A known issue might not be a GoodNotes bug after all and might need to be fixed by a future iOS/iPadOS/macOS update or another third-party app. If it's indeed a verified GoodNotes issue, rest assured it will be addressed as soon as possible. Try as we might, some issues are harder to reproduce and/or fix than others, and so please expect some delay before there's a solution. We appreciate your patience!


List of some known issues

Before checking if you're experiencing any of the issues below, it's a good idea to visit GoodNotes App Store page directly and see if you can tap Update to get the latest version, which might have already fixed your issues. (This is because there might be a delay before the App Store pushes the latest GoodNotes version to you automatically.)



Custom fonts are not showing up in GoodNotes on iPadOS 17 beta

Fixed in iPadOS 17 and macOS 14 beta 3. Please update your system software.

Can't change fonts in GoodNotes for macOS, always getting Helvetica.

Fixed in v5.9.122. Please update GoodNotes.

Distorted handwriting possibly due to new Hover feature on M2 devices

Under investigation. Workaround: disable "Show Effects" in device Settings > Apple Pencil

(macOS) A blue frame appears when you're typing text


Workaround: Please open System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, and disable "Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls". Then force-close the app, relaunch it and try again. 

The same typed document doesn't look the same in GoodNotes on iPadOS and macOS


It's actually due to the font-rendering differences between both platforms, so what's shifted is the text, not the handwriting or highlighting.

Resizing (or pasting and then moving) a lassoed object or a text box tilts it a little


Imported files from Dropbox have their names turned to all lower-cases letters

Workaround: please share these files from the Dropbox app with GoodNotes instead.

PDF Planner loading slowly.


(macOS) Lagging and dotted strokes with Wacom drawing tablet.



(macOS) Can't import PowerPoint or Word files


This is a missing feature.

Workaround: please open the PowerPoint or Word file in Preview and export it to a PDF, which you can import to GoodNotes.

Unexpected random lines


"Spikes" or smearing in exported PDFs


"Content Unavailable" error


Can't import .goodnotes files from Google Drive via Files

This is a bug of the Files-Google Drive integration, and not a GoodNotes bug.

Workaround: Please import from the Google Drive app.

Blank built-in template previews

This seems to happen to jailbroken devices and unfortunately we don't support them.