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I've sent a file to my GoodNotes email address (...@goodnotes.email) but I don't see it imported to my library

If you're Using "Email to GoodNotes" for importing PDF files but you do not see the PDFs in your library, there could be a few issues causing the email not to be sent directly into the GoodNotes 5 app.

If you send a file to your GoodNotes email address but don't see it in the root folder of your library, please try the following:

  • Check that you did send a PDF (as opposed to another file format), as PDF is the only file format supported by this feature. Sending images won't work, for example.
  • If the PDF is large, it might take a while. Even a small PDF can take a minute or two to arrive in your library. If you still don't see it after some time, exit the app from the background and relaunch it, then go to "Email to GoodNotes" Settings to trigger a document fetch from our server. See if it appears in the library then.
  • Re-send that PDF, or another smaller one to check if the feature is working for you at all.
  • Retry sending the PDF from another email app, like Outlook, or web-based Gmail/Yahoo.
  • Disable and re-enable the feature to get a new GoodNotes email address, then retry sending PDFs to it.
  • Retry on a different network. For example, if using Mobile Data, switch to Wi-Fi or another Wi-Fi network.

If the issue is still there, please send us the diagnostic data for investigation: Open GoodNotes ⚙️ menu > About > Export Diagnostic Data. Also let us know if you can visit https://tls-v1-2.badssl.com:1012/ in Safari on your device without any errors.