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[GoodNotes 5] Erasing handwriting and highlighting

The Eraser tool lets you erase digital ink and highlighting from the page. Simply drag your finger or stylus across the ink that you want to erase. You can set the eraser radius in the right-hand side section of the toolbar (otherwise known as the contextual toolbar).

Within the Eraser tool, there are a number of different options you can select, including Precision Eraser, Standard Eraser and Stroke Eraser. To access these, simply double-tap the Eraser tool.

Below is a breakdown of these different settings and styles of eraser available:

Eraser Styles

  • Precision Eraser: This eraser offers a precise option for erasing, to get rid of even the smallest of details! This is great for if you want to clean up individual lines or flaws in your writing / drawing.

  • Standard Eraser: This is our standard eraser - which offers an efficient, mark-free erasing experience. It erases chunks of a line (as opposed to the object eraser, which erases whole lines), which means you can more precisely erase your digital ink or highlighting.

    As you can see from the example below, the standard eraser erases chunks from the line (unlike the pixel eraser)


  • Stroke Eraser: The object eraser allows for you to erase entire strokes from the page by touching them once - which is great for erasing big chunks of writing or drawings, or to remove entire shapes from your page. 

    In this example image below, the object eraser was able to erase the whole strokes in the centre of these series of lines, simply by single-tapping each of them!



  • Erase Highlighter Only: If enabled, it allows you to erase only the highlighting, ignoring all handwriting.
  • Clear Page: This clears the whole page. The same command can be found in the More menu (...).
  • Auto-Deselect: If enabled, the tool will automatically be switched to the last used tool as soon as you lift up your stylus.