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iCloud Sync isn't working and GoodNotes keeps telling me the app version is out of date.

If iCloud Sync isn't working and the app keeps asking you to get the latest version even though you're already up to date, this might be an issue with mismatched versions across devices. You might also notice this if you have several different devices and one of either your iPad/iPhone/Mac will display the warning, while the others do not.


First, please double-check that you're in fact up to date; there might have been a newer GoodNotes version since the last time you checked. Simply visit GoodNotes App Store page on your device and check for the Update button. If you see the Open button instead, you're on the latest version.


First off, please do NOT try to delete and reinstall the app. Instead, try these workarounds:

- Leave or un-share any shared documents, if any.

- Reset iCloud data:

1. Back up the data on your primary device (i.e. where the data is up to date).

2. Delete iCloud data (this will NOT delete your local GoodNotes data):

iPadOS/iOS: Go to your device Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > GoodNotes 5 > Delete Data...

macOS: Go to System Preferences > Apple ID (near top-right corner) > iCloud (left sidebar) > Manage... (near bottom-right corner) > GoodNotes (left sidebar) > Delete All Files... and confirm.

3. Switch back to GoodNotes on each device and choose to re-upload the data to iCloud.