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I accidentally deleted GoodNotes app and all of my notebooks are lost

If you accidentally delete the app your device, it will delete your GoodNotes data (documents and custom templates). It is possible to restore the data back to GoodNotes if you have a proper backup, i.e iCloud sync, Auto Backup with third-party cloud services like Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive or a manual backup. 

1. Restore your notebooks from iCloud sync: 

You can check whether you have GoodNotes data stored in iCloud:

- Open iPad Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage.

- If GoodNotes 5 is listed there, you can go back to the app, open GoodNotes menu > Settings > iCloud Settings, and enable Use iCloud. Your GoodNotes data from the previous iCloud sync session should start appearing in your library.


2. Restore your notebooks from Auto Backup:

If you had auto-backup enabled in GoodNotes Settings > Automatic Backup, you can look in that cloud storage for your notes and re-import them as needed: Importing files into GoodNotes 5. For example, if you've been backing up data automatically to Dropbox, look in /Apps/GoodNotes 5/GoodNotes.

3. Restore from iCloud Device Backup: 

If you didn't set up iCloud sync within GoodNotes app, you can check whether you have a device backup via iCloud/iTunes and restore your device to the recent backup: open the Settings app > Apple ID > iCloud > Backup and see that "Last successful backup" shows a time earlier than this incident. If there is a "BACKUPS" list available, tap a backup to see whether it includes GoodNotes data. Please restore from that iCloud backup as soon as you can


Important Note: If you don't have a proper backup as shown above, GoodNotes team can't help retrieve the lost data for you as we don't store any copies of user notes on our servers due to privacy concerns.