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Why do images disappear from printouts?

Sometimes exporting notes to print them will result in images not appearing in the final print copy.


First, please open the Settings app, tap General > Software Update and see if you can bring your device software up to date to the latest version of iPadOS, then try again. 


Failing that, please try these workarounds:

- Print the document from GoodNotes for macOS (if you have a Mac).

- Export the document in Editable PDF Format, then open and print it from the Files app.

- Try another printer. This issue might occur to Canon printers only [1].

- Export the document to image files and print them individually. You can also convert a .zip file of those images to a single PDF for printing.


If the workarounds didn't help, please send us the document in .goodnotes format and the Diagnostic Data to help us with the investigation. Please open GoodNotes ⚙️ menu in the library view > About > Export Diagnostic Data. If possible, please also include:

  • A screenshot of the actual printout.
  • Your printer's make and model.