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Goodnotes for Schools Educational Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: After July 8, 2023, you will need to have a license key to continue or gain free access to GoodNotes for your school. Your app usage will continue with no disruption to your institute's daily workflow. To learn more, please see this FAQ.

How much does it cost to get GoodNotes for my school?

If yours is a school or educational institution (K-12 or higher education) managing devices through Apple School Manager, you can now have the full version of GoodNotes for free. If your institution isn't yet using Apple School Manager, get enrolled first, then contact us.

What features are included in the full version?

You'll get the following extra features:

How do I download GoodNotes from Apple School Manager?

  1. Log in to Apple School Manager.
  2. Click Apps and Books under Content in the left sidebar
  3. Search for "GoodNotes" at the top of the middle panel.
  4. Complete the "Buy Licenses" details in the right-hand panel, and click Get.
  5. Once your desired number of GoodNotes apps have been obtained, reach out to our Education Licensing team, via this form, to obtain a license key.
    (Be sure to indicate your school name and amount of seats you require on your license.
    The seat number is the amount of users you require to be on the license, or simply the number of apps downloaded through Apple School Manager)
  6. Deploy the license key via your MDM solution following the steps listed here.

I'm looking to deploy GoodNotes as an iPadOS/iOS app for my institution. Why is the app showing up in Apple School Manager as a macOS app?

This is likely a display issue that Apple needs to fix for apps using the Catalyst framework to make them universal (i.e. they can be used on both iPadOS/iOS and macOS).
Even so, you can still go ahead and deploy GoodNotes on iPadOS/iOS devices.


My school bought GoodNotes several days before it became a freemium app. How do we get a refund and then get the app for free?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible, per Apple's Terms and Conditions:

All sales are final.

Prices for Volume Content offered via the Service may change at any time, and the Service does not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering.

That said, you might still want to contact Apple in case they can accommodate your needs. 

I'm a student with a personal Apple ID. Can I get the full version for free as an individual?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, since GoodNotes is currently offered for free through Apple School Manager only. Please contact someone in charge of purchasing digital content at your institution so that they can get the full version for you as an institution.

Where can I find more information about Apple School Manager?

Please browse further resources on Apple Education Support and contact the Apple team with any questions you might have.

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