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Known issues of web viewer

In the full version, you can share documents on the web with non-GoodNotes users. However, as the web viewer is still under active development, you might find that those documents aren't properly displayed online.

Rendering limitations

Here are some content types that might not be viewed correctly on the web:

  • Some fonts - Some of the fonts available to users on iOS/macOS might not be available in a typical web browser. The character spacing of text in some fonts might also be off.
  • Emojis
  • Right-to-left language content (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic)
  • Tables - Formatted content that's pasted onto a GoodNotes page isn't currently rendered.
  • Textbox shadows
  • Precisely erased strokes - Strokes erased with the precision eraser might still be visible on the web.
  • Some elements or images


Since GoodNotes is free to download from the App Store, you can ask your viewers with an iOS device to download the app in order to accept the shared document and view it properly.

If you share a document and edit it while it's being viewed on the web, your viewers need to refresh the web page to view the changes.


This article is relevant to the full version only. For more details, please see: https://www.goodnotes.com/pricing.