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Buy digital stationaries from Goodnotes 6 Marketplace or GoodNotes 5 Shop


Goodnotes 6 Marketplace

In the Goodnotes Marketplace, you can buy a variety of planners, paper templates, covers and stickers created by a range of third-party content creators. 

The Marketplace can be accessed through the Sidebar in-app:


How to purchase content in the Marketplace

Purchasing content in the Marketplace is easy! Simply navigate to the product you wish to buy, press the Buy button, indicated by the price, and then follow the Apple purchase flow pop-up shown. Once done, the product will automatically be added to your Documents View, Elements Collection, or Template Library (depending on the product purchased). 

How to access previously purchased content in the Marketplace

Any content purchased in the Marketplace can be downloaded multiple times from the original Apple ID used for purchasing. To re-download content that you've previously purchased, simply navigate to this purchase in the Marketplace, and press the Get button. This will re-prompt a download of the content, and will seamlessly add this to your application.

If you're having trouble with this, you can also try to manually restore your purchases:

  1. Open the Goodnotes Marketplace, and tap the ... button located to the right of the various content tabs. 
  2. In this ... dropdown, tap the Restore Purchases button, and then re-follow the steps listed above to access previously purchased content.

Introducing the GoodNotes Shop, where you can buy from a variety of planners, paper templates, covers and elements at amazing prices to make your note-taking more enjoyable!

GoodNotes 5 Shop

Access the GoodNotes Shop

  • Tap the shopping bag icon near the top right corner of the library view:

You can then do any of the following:

  • View more details about an item: Tap it.
    • Preview the content of an item: Tap any of the images.
  • Buy an item: Tap the price shown and follow through the process. Once successful, you'll be prompted to import the item:


    Please note that by making a purchase, you're bound by our Terms of Use not to resell it to anyone else.

  • Redownload an item or download a free one: Tap the GET button.

Restore a purchase

The app should automatically recognize your previously purchased items and invite you to redownload them via the GET button:


If that's not the case, you can restore your purchases manually:

  1. Open the GoodNotes Shop and choose the ... icon in the top-right corner:

  2. Choose Restore Purchases and follow through the process.

Restore all purchased templates

  1. Tap the ⚙️ icon in the top-right corner of the Library view > Settings > Troubleshooting.
  2. Tap Restore Purchased Templates. 

Get a refund for a purchase

If you're not happy with an item, please contact Apple Support as soon as you can for a refund. As developers, we don't handle any App Store transactions whatsoever.

Questions and answers

I bought covers/templates and they were imported as a notebook. How do I use a cover/template from it?

To avoid unseen/unwanted changes to your library settings, such purchased items are downloaded in the form of notebooks for easier importing, and so you'll need to copy a cover/template from that notebook and use it as needed:

  1. Go to the cover/template of interest in the bought notebook.
  2. Open the More menu (...) in the top-right corner > Copy Page.mceclip0.png
  3. Go to the page in the destination notebook where you want to use the cover/template. (You can tap "..." > Go to Page, and type a page number to jump to.)
  4. Tap the Add Page icon > Paste Page. This adds the copied cover/template as the following page.
  5. Go back to the previous page, tap "..." > Move Page to Trash.

If you'd like to add a cover/template to your Notebook Templates library for future use:

  1. Export that cover/template page to a PDF.
  2. Add that PDF to your Notebook Templates.

I bought stickers and was told they were installed. Where do I find them?

As soon as a sticker pack is downloaded, it will be installed as a new element collection:

Please tap the Elements Tool and tap the newly added collection in the Recents section:


I bought a planner with internal links that I can't tap. How do I use them?

To visit a hyperlink in an imported PDF, you can either long-press the link and choose Open Link, or enter read-only mode and tap the link directly, as you can see in this screen recording

The reason that this is locked behind a “Read-only” mode is to ensure that you don't accidentally tap any links when writing or moving around your page.