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Importing and Exporting Files into Study Sets

The GoodNotes 5 Study Sets offers a ton of flexibility when it comes to importing and exporting. The GoodNotes 5 Study Sets offer importing from a wide variety of file formats, and even supports importing study sets from other apps! 

Importing Study Sets into GoodNotes 5:

You can import the following file formats into Study Sets:

  • .GoodNotes 
  • .CSV 
  • .TSV 
  • .TXT

The .GoodNotes file format is standard export format for any GoodNotes 5 files; and .CSV / .TSV files are a common file type for a variety of other flashcard applications.

With GoodNotes 5 offering support for .TSV and .CSV conversion into Study Sets, you can easily export your study materials from other flashcard apps, and import them seamlessly into the app! For more information on how to export your Study Sets from other apps to GoodNotes Study Sets, see: Can I import my study sets from other apps into GoodNotes 5?

The process of importing files for Study Sets works the same as the rest of the app. You can either use the "New... (+)" button in the main Documents tab of GoodNotes 5, and then navigate to your file and select it; you can drag and drop files from other apps (such as the Files App or a cloud storage app - see below for an example); or using the "Open with GoodNotes" option in the Share menu of any third party app. For more information on this, see: Importing files into GoodNotes 5.


Want to practice importing Study Sets into GoodNotes 5 before you do this with your own sets? We have a selection of sample Study Sets which you can access here!

One thing to note on importing Study Sets into GoodNotes 5 is that it’s not possible to import non-text Study Sets (such as sets with images or handwriting) in this format, as these images will likely be lost.

Converting Flashcards into Study Sets:

If you use the (Legacy) Flashcards function, you can also convert these into the new Study Sets function. For a full breakdown on how to do this, see: Converting Flashcards into Study Sets


Exporting Study Sets:

GoodNotes 5 offers support for exporting your Study Sets into a .GoodNotes format. This means that you can easily share any Study Sets you've made with your other devices, or with friends or classmates!

To export Study Sets, go to the "Share and Export" button within your Study Set View, and then press "Export". Finally, when prompted, select a save location or destination for this file - which will create a copy of the Study Set outside of the app.