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Can I migrate my Study Sets from Quizlet or Anki into GoodNotes 5?

If the other app you've used for Study Sets supports a .TXT, a .CSV, or a .TSV format for exporting, then you can import these Study Sets into GoodNotes 5 in minutes.

To do this:

  • Export your Study Set from your other app in a .TXT, .CSV or .TSV format. 
    • For Quizlet:
      1. Open the set > Select the "..." Menu > Press "Export" > Set the "Between term and definition" to Tab, and for "Between rows", select New line.
      2. Press "Copy Text", and then go to your Spreadsheet software of choice (such as Google Sheets).
      3. For Google Sheets, Right-Click the top left cell in an empty spreadsheet > Paste Special > Paste values only, and finally go to File > Download > .CSV or .TSV.
    • For Anki:
      1. In the start screen, navigate to the deck you want to export, then press the "⚙️ (Settings)" button next to the deck > "Export" > Set the export format as "Notes in Plain Text".
      2. Once done, this .TXT file is importable into GoodNotes 5! This can be done in a few ways. You can either use the "New... (+)" button in the main Documents tab of GoodNotes 5, and then navigate to your file and select it; you can drag and drop files from other apps (such as the Files App or a cloud storage app); or using the "Open with GoodNotes" option in the Share menu of any third party app. 

Note: When making your files into .CSV or .TSV files for GoodNotes 5, it's important that your questions are in the first column, and your answers are in the second column (without any headers or titles, or no other columns used). Additionally, when importing Study Sets into GoodNotes 5 from other apps, it’s not possible to import non-text Study Sets (such as sets with images or handwriting) in these formats.