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Select content with the Lasso Tool

What It Does

One of the most flexible and powerful tools, the Lasso Tool allows you to select content created in the app and do all sorts of things on that content.

How to Use It

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Select content

  • Select the Lasso Tool, draw a loop around the content you want to select.

    Note: A loop that is larger than intended might select unintended objects nearby, too. To avoid this, you can draw a loop that simply touches the intended object.

Once the content is selected, you can do any of the following:

Move the selection

  • Drag it to a new place.

     Note: It's not currently possible to move a selection across page boundaries.

You can tap on the selection to bring up a context menu, then choose any of the following:

Cut / Copy the selection

  • Choose Cut or Copy. You can then long-press anywhere on the page and choose Paste to insert the clipboard content.

Delete the selection

Do either of the following:

  • Choose Delete.
  • Choose Resize, then tap the Delete icon in the top-left corner of the selection.

Arrange the selection

  • Choose Arrange, then choose Bring to Front or Send to Back

Resize / Rotate the selection

  • Choose Resize, then drag on the Resize handle in the bottom-right corner of the selection box to resize and rotate: