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Add Audio Recordings to your Notebooks

You can now add audio to your notes and documents using the new Audio Recording tool, built right into GoodNotes. 

What is Audio Recording?

The Audio Recording tool allows you to record audio while you are writing or revising your notes and gives you the ability to listen back while simultaneously watching your ideas come to life with Note Replay.

This tool can help you avoid missing important information in lectures, review the context behind your notes or leave your own commentary on your notes.


What is Note Replay?

Note Replay is a built-in feature of Audio Recording and will allow your notes to come to life as you listen back to your recordings.

While you are recording audio, any annotations or notes you make will also be recorded and will synchronise with your recording. Playing back your recording will then simultaneously play back your notes.


Where do I find Audio Recording?

Audio Recording can be found right in the toolbar within your Notebooks. To get started, simply tap on the microphone icon on the left side of the top toolbar.



  1. Once tapped, the mic icon will become an orange icon and GoodNotes will start recording audio.
  2. Tap on the recording icon to stop recording.
  3. A new button will appear next to the mic icon once an audio clip has been recorded. 
  4. You can record additional audio clips by tapping on the mic icon again.

Playback Controls

Playback Controls can be found by tapping on the new icon that appears after a recording has been made.

Playing your recordings


  1. Tap on the Playback button to open Playback Controls.
  2. Press play to listen to your recording and watch your notes playback with Note Replay.
  3. Skip back and forward 10 seconds with the back and forward buttons on the right-hand side.
  4. Use your finger to hold and drag around the timeline to find your spot.

Managing your recordings

Audio Recording allows you to make multiple recordings in a single document. The point where each new recording starts is shown by the blue dots above the Timeline. You can also view all your recordings as a list.


  1. Tap on the timestamp to the right of the Timeline.
  2. Tap on a recording to start it playing.
  3. Swipe any recording to the left to delete.

We hope this gives you a basic introduction to using Audio Recording in GoodNotes. If you have further questions we recommend checking out these other guides on using Audio Recording: