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Backing up my Audio Recordings

Backing up your notes is always important to ensure you don't lose important information. You can also back up your Audio Recordings in a number of ways. 


Back up with iCloud

Notes that include Audio Recordings will be synced through iCloud and available on all your devices that are also updated to the latest version of GoodNotes.

Be aware that these files will likely be larger than a normal document, so it is important to make sure you have enough iCloud Storage to complete your sync.

To make sure iCloud Sync is set up correctly, check out our article on using iCloud with GoodNotes.


Automatic Backup

You can also back up your notes with our Automatic Backup feature or manually export a Zip file containing all your Notebooks.

Both these backup options will maintain your Audio Recordings so long as you choose to export these in a GoodNotes format. Backing up in PDF format will not save your recordings so make sure this is set up correctly.


  • Open Settings in the ⚙️ Menu while in your library.
  • Select Automatic Backup
  • Choose File Format and select Goodnotes or GoodNotes and PDF

Learn more about Automatic Backup


Manual Backup

Backing up your Notes with our Manual Backup feature will also save a copy of your Audio Recordings as your documents will be saved in a GoodNotes file format.

Learn more about backing up manually. 


You should now be comfortable backing up your Audio Recordings. If you want to learn more about the Audio Recording tool, check out the following articles: