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Can I Share my Audio Recordings?

Being able to share notes is an important part of working as a team. And you can also share notes that include Audio Recordings with other GoodNotes users.

Exporting Notes with Audio Recording

Any Notebook that includes audio can be shared with a friend making it easy for them to listen back and follow your notes at the same time with Note Replay. You can do this in the same way you would export any other Notebook, by tapping on the Share button within your NoteBook and selecting 'Export All'.

Please note: You must export your Notebook as a GoodNotes file, sharing as a PDF will not keep you Audio Recording and will only maintain your notes.





It is not possible to use the Share Link to Collaborate feature while maintaining Audio Recordings currently. This includes using the Web Viewer to access your documents.

We are always trying to improve our application and features so this may be something that we include in the future, however, for the time being, it is recommended to use the export method above to share Notebooks that include Audio Recordings with your friends and colleagues.


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