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Changes to institutional purchasing and how it affects your organisation

From July 8, 2023, GoodNotes 5 is no longer offered as a free download for users via Apple Business Manager*. The app has been replaced by GoodNotes for Institutions and will require a License Key to continue using after December 31st, 2023.

In order to download or continue receiving access, IT Administrators of respective companies and educational institutions will be required to reach out to our business team in order to receive a Licence Key that will allow access to be reinstated.

*While this pricing change only affects business users of the app, educational institutions that use GoodNotes 5 with Apple School Manager will also need to reach out to us to regain free access. Access will continue to remain free for educational users, however they must obtain a license key to continue usage after December 31st,2023.

  • For businesses that have paid for and downloaded GoodNotes 5 prior to April 2022, please respond to this form and our business team will get back to you.
    Additionally, please ensure that you have your receipt of purchase/download so that we can verify your previous installation. For information on how to find your receipts, see this Apple support article on how to obtain a csv of your purchase history.

  • For new businesses looking to download the app, please see our business page for information on pricing and our different tiers, or alternatively please fill in this form and a member of our enterprise team will get back to you.

  • For Educational Institutions using Apple School Manager looking to re-download or install the app, please have your IT Administrator complete this form with your request to regain free access. Your response must include the name of the school/institution, the number of seats/users you would need on your license and your email address, so that we can generate your license key and return to you as soon as possible.
    Also important to note that this change will not require a migration to a new version of the app, so once you have the license key, your institute's app usage will continue as normal.

For information on installation requirements, please see this article. If you have any queries regarding these, please fill in the appropriate form above and our team will get back to you.

For any additional questions, please see our FAQs on our business and educational licensing, or reach out via the appropriate contact form linked in the paragraphs above.