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Why can't I see the Audio Recording feature in my app?

Our Audio Recording feature has two main pre-requisites to be able to be used in-app:

  1. Your GoodNotes 5 is on version 5.9.78 or higher.
  2. (For iPad) Your iPadOS / iOS is on iOS 15 or higher.
  3. (For Mac) Your MacOS is on Monterey (MacOS 12) or higher.

In order to use Audio Recording, your device and app would need to meet both of these. For information on how to update your app and iOS, see below:

  1. To update your GoodNotes 5: go to the App Store > Purchased > GoodNotes 5, and press "Update".
  2. To update your iOS: Apple actually has a help article on this here. Go to your device, then to Settings > General > Software Update.