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Converting Flashcards into Study Sets

Using our new "Convert" function, you can change your Legacy Flashcards in GoodNotes 5 into Study Sets! To do this, simply:

  1. Open up the notebook containing your Legacy Flashcards deck.
  2. Go to the "..." menu in the top-right of your notebook view, then scroll to "Experimental Features", and press "Convert Flashcards to Study Set". 
  3. Wait a few moments for this process to complete automatically, as this may take some time with larger decks. Once done, you can jump right in and start studying!

We'd highly recommend our users to convert their Flashcards into Study Sets, for a number of reasons. Not only has the Study Set function built and grown from the Flashcards feature, it's also a much more stable function (as Flashcards is still an experimental beta function).