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My app crashed mid-Audio Recording. Can I recover this Audio Recording?

Unfortunately, it's not possible for you to recover an Audio Recording in cases where the app crashes before you end the Audio Recording. The reason for this is that the app will save the recording into GoodNotes 5 at the point in which you press "Stop Recording".

As such, in cases where the app crashes before the recording is saved, the file would never have been saved to the GoodNotes 5 app - and is lost. We have some tips for users that are having this issue happen frequently:

  1. One thing you can consider splitting the recording into sections as you record longer sessions. For example, stopping and starting your recordings for a one hour lecture into three 20-minute sections can help minimise any risk of significant data loss.
  2. If you are experiencing regular app crashes, you could instead look to address the underlying crash issues: GoodNotes 5 Crashes - Troubleshooting Basics. Something to bear in mind whilst troubleshooting this is that whilst there's a possibility that the Audio Recording function may be causing this crashing, it's more typical that the crashing is unrelated to the feature.