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Installing GoodNotes for Institutions via Jamf School

Please note: While our License Keys do not need a reinstallation of the app in order to install effectively, we would encourage all users to ensure they have an appropriate backup in place for their data before completing the deployment. This can be achieved through iCloud Sync, Auto-Backup or a Manual Backup.

After receiving your license key from our GoodNotes Education Licensing team, you may be wondering as to how you can install the key via Jamf School using the .plist file found in our MDM Installation Article.

If you'd prefer to consult Jamf's own documentation, the relevant articles for instructions on how install Managed App Configuration can be found here for Jamf School.

Alternatively, see below for a step by step instruction on how to install via Jamf School:

  1. Show the advanced options inside the GoodNotes App details. (This option can be disable by  the IT Admin).
  2. Enable "Apply Managed Configuration".
  3. Add the managed configuration and change the license key (only the <plist> tag, not the XML content at the top, see below for example and ensure you change red key information to your own license key)

  4. Add a descriptive title to this Configuration. (If you need to add multiple, sometimes a page refresh is needed to get the "Add New" to appear. Do not push the green "Add New" button, as save action. This button adds more configuration slots, it doesn't save the new config).
  5. Press the save button.
  6. (optionally) Mark this config as default.
  7. Add this config to the whole app scope (main gearwheel), or add it individually to the device groups (device group gearwheel).
  8. Check in the device activity log, if the configuration gets assigned.

If the app is assigned to the main locations VPP token and the app details are changed from a sub-location, an error occurs at the moment. In this case the configuration can only be assigned by the main location admin. (Failed to save the settings: AxiosError: Request failed with status code 500).

If you still need help after reading through these instructions, do not hesitate to reach out to our GoodNotes Education Licensing team for further support, or alternatively, contact Jamf for more dedicated help in relation to their software.