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How do I opt-out of in-app push notifications?

GoodNotes will sometimes send you push notifications or in-app messages to inform you about our latest exciting features, updates, and limited-time offers. Whilst we recommend keeping these notifications enabled in order to ensure you're kept up-to-date on the latest GoodNotes content, this is something you are able to disable through the iOS Settings.

To disable the ability for GoodNotes 5 to be able to send you push notifications, go to:

  1. Your iOS Settings menu.
  2. Notifications.
  3. Navigate to GoodNotes 5, then disable "Allow Notifications".

Note: By opting into notifications, GoodNotes will collect data from you in order to ensure that the information you receive through in-app notifications are relevant. To opt out of this data collection after opting in, please contact our team.