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Shop Cards FAQ

This is a quick guide to using and understanding the new card templates in the GoodNotes Shop!

What are "Cards"?

As the name suggests, our digital cards are designed to that you can send online well-wishes to your friends and family. Simply fill in the card, and share!

How do I use the cards? 

Open the card in your GoodNotes 5 app, scroll to the second page, write your message of choosing in the spaces provided, and then export this as a PDF. To export a GoodNotes 5 file as a PDF, press "Share and Export", "Export", then finally, select the "PDF" option. When you have this PDF, you can send it digitally to whoever you want!

Can I use the same card multiple times?

In short, yes! There are a couple of ways you can do this:

  1. Once you make a purchase in the Shop, you can simply press "Get" on any prior purchase to re-download another copy of the product. This extends to cards too, so you can just navigate to the card, press "Get", and download a fresh, new copy of the card to send to someone else.
  2. Alternatively, you can duplicate your existing card document - press the "Select" button in the Library View, and then select the card in question. Press "Duplicate", and then jump into your newly duplicated file and tweak the card messaging however you like.

How do I send a card to someone?

To send a card to someone, you need to export the file as a PDF. With the document open, press "Share and Export", then "Export All". Select PDF, and be sure to enable "Include Page Background" and "Include Annotations". Name the PDF appropriately, press "Export", and send the file to the recipient.