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Goodnotes 6 Subscription and Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to use Goodnotes?

You do not need to pay to use Goodnotes and will be able to take advantage of the best digital paper app on the App Store for free! However, without a subscription, your usage will be limited in the following ways:

  • Free users are limited to 3 Notebooks.
  • Audio Recording is limited to 20 minutes per Notebook.
  • Email to Goodnotes importing is not available.
  • Template file sizes are limited to 5MB.
  • Interactive Exam Practice courses are limited. 
  • No bonus stationary from Marketplace.
  • AI Typing is not available.
  • Exported documents will include watermarks. 

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What are the differences between the one-off fee and the subscription models?

Annual Subscription

This model involves users paying recurring subscription fees on an annual basis to continue using the relevant Goodnotes Services – such subscriptions will automatically renew unless you have exercised your rights of withdrawal from any recurring yearly subscription fee for those Goodnotes Services with the appropriate app distribution platform, for example, you should contact Apple if you have paid for Goodnotes Services by using Apple or Google Play (collectively “App Distribution Platform”).

The App Distribution Platform will be responsible for processing such cancellations. Goodnotes offers different subscriptions for different platforms; please see more information in the question below.

One Time Purchase

This model will entitle you to use the relevant Goodnotes Services for as long as Goodnotes supports that version of the applicable Goodnotes Services – by way of example, the latest version of the Goodnotes application is Goodnotes 6. If you purchase Goodnotes 6 using the one-time payment, you can use Goodnotes 6 only on iOS/iPadOS/macOS, but for as long as Goodnotes supports Goodnotes 6 without needing to pay an additional fee, except in cases where new optional purchasable items are added.

When you register for a particular Goodnotes Service, we will notify you about the relevant additional charges and how the charge is structured at the point of purchase.

Which subscription plan is best for me?

Regarding Goodnotes for iOS, we have two options for purchasing, an annual subscription and a one-time purchase. 

Annual Subscription

For an annual fee, you can subscribe to Goodnotes 6 which will also give you access to Goodnotes on other platforms such as Windows and Android. 

In terms of which subscription is best for you, you should consider which platforms you may want to use Goodnotes on in the future. If you are planning on utilizing the app across different platforms, it may be more cost-effective for you to purchase an annual subscription instead of purchasing the app outright. 

One-Time Purchase

Goodnotes 6 One-Time Purchase users will have feature parity with Goodnotes 6 Subscription users. The only 2 differences between Goodnotes 6 One-Time Purchase and Subscription are:

  • Goodnotes 6 Subscription users can use Goodnotes across platforms while Goodnotes 6 One-Time Purchase users can only use Goodnotes on Apple devices.
  • In the future, Goodnotes may offer cross-device syncing other than iCloud Sync for Goodnotes 6 Subscription users, while Goodnotes 6 One-Time Purchase users might have only iCloud Sync. Please note that the supported cloud storages for Auto Backup will remain the same for both types of users.

Can I get a discount if I upgrade to Goodnotes 6 early?

See Am I entitled to a discount for Goodnotes 6 if I bought GoodNotes 5?

Is a one-off fee option available on Windows, Samsung or Google Play devices?

Currently, the one-time purchase option is only available on iOS devices. The Goodnotes Pro subscription for Windows and Android devices will also give you access to Goodnotes for iOS. Purchasing Goodnotes 6 for iOS as a one-time purchase will not give you access to Goodnotes on other platforms, however purchasing an annual subscription on iOS will.

How many devices can be used with one subscription?

Your subscription is linked with your Goodnotes Account and App Store account, meaning that devices signed in to your Apple ID account as the main iCloud and App Store account will automatically recognize your subscription when also using Goodnotes with your Goodnotes Account.

I have already purchased GoodNotes 5, if I upgrade to Goodnotes 6 will I lose my access to Goodnotes 5?

No, you will have the option to revert to GoodNotes 5 from within Goodnotes 6. Please note, if you are on a free trial or have purchased a subscription to Goodnotes 6, toggling back to Goodnotes 5 will not cancel your subscription. Please follow the ordinary procedure to cancel your subscription or else you may be charged.

Who is eligible to redeem Goodnotes 6 promo codes?

Promo codes for Goodnotes 6 are redeemable to anyone without an existing subscription to Goodnotes 6, including GoodNotes 5 users, Goodnotes 6 users with an expired subscription, and new users.

Can I share my subscription with Family Sharing?

Yes, you can. See Share your premium Goodnotes 6 with your family.

How do I renew my subscription?

Your subscription will renew automatically so long as you have a valid payment method connected to your App Store account.

How can I cancel my subscription and will I lose my notebooks and documents?

Your notebooks will still be safe. See Cancel a subscription on your iPhone or iPad.

How can I request a refund for my subscription?

Where you have paid for any part of the Goodnotes services, you may be entitled to a refund where you have exercised your statutory right of withdrawal from those Goodnotes services within a period of fourteen days (or other time period required by applicable law) without penalty and without giving any reason. This period shall begin from the date that you agree to pay for the relevant Goodnotes services. For the avoidance of doubt, these withdrawal rights only apply where required by applicable law in your region. 

However, if you made your purchase via App Distribution Platform (Apple's App Store), you should contact them directly. The decision to offer a refund is entirely up to them, but these platforms may offer refunds for apps or in-app content that has been falsely advertised, breaches their warranties or are faulty. 

How do I switch plans?

See How do I switch to another plan on iOS/iPadOS/macOS, i.e. yearly subscription to one-time payment or vice versa?