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Installation Requirements for GoodNotes for Institutions

If you're looking to install GoodNotes 5 in your school or business but you are unsure if your devices and software are able to run or install the app, here is a list of requirements needing to be met to ensure a successful onboarding of GoodNotes 5 for your organisation.

GoodNotes 5 Software Requirements for devices:

Minimum iOS requirement:

  • Requires iOS 15.4 or later.

Minimum macOS requirement:

  • Requires macOS 12.3 or later.

Installation Requirements:

In order to use GoodNotes for Institutions, you will need an account on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager in order to download the app and distribute to your end-users.

You will also need a Mobile Device Management (MDM) software in order to deploy the License Key needed for app validation. Specifically, GoodNotes for Institutions requires an MDM that supports AppConfig for deployment as we require the AppConfig feature to support the installation of our License Keys. We recommend using MDM providers like Jamf Pro for seamless deployment and management of GoodNotes for Business within your organisation.

Before reaching out and receiving a License Key, it would be best to find out if your MDM provider supports AppConfig deployment. To do so we would encourage speaking with your relevant MDM provider to get the most up to date information regarding their software capabilities.

For more information on how to install GoodNotes via MDM, please see here.

How to get a License Key:

To reach out to our team and obtain a License Key, please follow the directions in this article and we will be in contact with the appropriate solution to your needs.