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Can I sync my library across platforms?

Goodnotes brings seamless synchronization across Android, Windows, and Web platforms, ensuring your library is always up-to-date. Effortlessly access your synced library by logging in to your GoodNotes Account.

Currently, the document library in Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web is not synchronized with the iOS library. However, there's a convenient solution to access your iOS notebooks across platforms - simply generate a share link of your notebook (available in the paid version). For more details on sharing your notes across platforms, refer to this article.



Q: I am using Goodnotes on iPad, Can I login Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web with the my Apple ID and see my documents across devices?

A: No. The accounts for iOS and Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web are separate. To share your iOS notebooks to Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web, you can create a Share Link.


Q: l have registered the same email address for Microsoft Account and Google Account, can I see the notebooks synced between Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web?

A: No. Microsoft account is different from Google Account, even if the email address is the same.


Q: Can I sync my document library across Goodnotes for Windows, Android, and Web? 

A: Your documents of Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web are synced through Goodnotes Cloud, simply login to your Goodnotes Account to access them. By using the same login credential, you can seamlessly synchronize the notebook library across Android, Windows, and Web.