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AI Typing [Experimental Feature]

Embrace the future of note-taking with GoodNotes 6 and let the AI wizardry transform the way you type! Goodnotes now includes AI-assisted typing which can help you paraphrase, summarize, correct your spelling and also make suggestions for your choice of words.

Using AI Typing

Using AI Typing is easy, and is only a few taps away.

  1. Write out your paragraph how you would normally.

  2. Highlight a line or paragraph by double tapping and dragging the selection to include everything you would like to be included. You will then see a popup containing further options.

  3. Choose AI Typing, this is the Stars icon on the left-hand side of the popup. This will take you to Review and Edit.
    AI Typing Tools Icon Popup.jpeg

  4. In the Review and Edit popup, you will see the following options:

Fix Grammar & Spelling - Use this tool to improve your grammar and fix and misspelt words.

Paraphrase - If you have a long piece of text which contains a lot of confusing information, this tool can help clean it up for you.

Change Tone - Professional - Rewrites your text in a more professional tone.

Change Tone - Friendly - Rewrites your text in a friendlier tone.

Change Tone - Confident - Rewrites your text in a more confident tone.

Make Longer - Extends your writing, using AI to evaluate what you have written about and add more context accordingly.

Make Shorter - Reduces the length of what you have written, taking out unnecessary information and keeping the core points.

Can't access AI Typing?

We would love AI Typing to be available to everyone on Goodnotes. However, users from the following geographic locations will not have access to this feature:

  • Afghanistan
  • Belarus
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela

Even if users from these locations travel to areas where AI Typing is available, they will still be unable to see or use this feature. It's also important to note that users from these locations won't be able to access AI Typing even with a VPN.

On the other hand, if users from areas where AI Typing is accessible travel to the aforementioned locations, they will still see the option but won't be able to utilize it.

Why can I no longer use AI Typing?

If you have used AI Typing features extensively, you may have come across a message saying your quota has hit its limit. Learn more about this here.