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Enrich your notes with Elements Tool

What It Does

The Elements Tool lets you personalize you notebooks with reuse-able Elements. You can decorate your notebooks with stickers, or insert sticky notes and writing on them. 

How to Use It

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Insert Elements

There are two ways to insert Elements to your page:

  • Select the Elements tool, tap on any location on the page, tap a collection from the top scrollable list, then tap on an element to insert it at that location.
  • Tap the Elements tool. Then tap on any element to insert it in the middle of the page. 

You can create an Element out of anything you have drawn, written or created on the page the following way: 

  1. Select the Lasso Tool, circle the content, tap on the selection, and choose Add Element.
  2. Choose an existing Custom Collection, or create a new Custom Collection.
  1. Tap the Elements tool.
  2. From the scrollable list, choose your Custom Collection, then tap its setting icon next to its name. 
  3. You can then:
  • Rename the collection: Change the "Name" field and choose Save.
  • Delete an element: Tap the red X on an Element.
  • Delete the entire collection: choose Delete Collection.