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Getting Started with Interactive Exam Practice

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started using Interactive Exam Practice. 

What is Interactive Exam Practice?

The Interactive Exam Practice is a new set of features introduced in Goodnotes 6. These have been built to help students prepare for their exams - and allow for students to work through interactive practice questions within Goodnotes, with a set of powerful tools to support you through your studies.

Interactive Exam Practice is comprised three core features: the Enhanced Practice Interface, AI Math Assistance, and the Course Dashboard. This trio of tools creates a comprehensive and interactive learning environment, providing students with a powerful resource for mastering math.

Using Interactive Exam Practice for the first time

Firstly, to access Interactive Exam Practice, simply go to the Marketplace from the Marketplace tab found in the Sidebar in the main Documents View. From here, scroll to the Education heading, and download your course of choice. Once done, you should be able to find this course as a document within your Documents View. 

When you first open your course, you will see something similar to what's shown below:

IEP - Dashboard top.jpeg

Some of the key things in this section to note include:

  • Statistics Overview: In the top-right of the window lies the Progress Tracker. This allows you to see how much of the course you've worked through, alongside how much time you've spent within topics in this particular course. 
  • Continue Practicing: In this section, you'll have all of the topics that are mid-session, so you can jump right back in and continue studying.
  • Categories: Each course is organised into a selection of categories - which work as overarching themes for the module. Each category is then broken down into a number of topics. For example, in the above screenshot you have Heart of Algebra as the first category in the 2023 SAT course. 

IEP - Categories and topics.jpeg

  • Topics: Within each category, you will find a number of topics which can be practiced. Each topic offers a set of questions related to the title of the topic - which you can practice and revise within the app.
  • Topic Difficulty: In some courses, there will be different difficulties that you can select from, in order to ensure you're practicing at the right level for your understanding. The difficulty can be tracked via the progress bars underneath the topic title. The colored part of the bar shows how much of the topic you've gotten correct, and the dark grey part of the bar shows the overall progress within the topic at that difficulty. To change difficulty, simply use the dropdown option to the left of the Practice button. 
  • Practice Button: Once you've made sure you're on the right topic and difficulty, you're ready to get started! Simply tap the Practice button, and you'll be put right into a study session.

Your first Practice Session

Once you tap on the Practice button for a topic, you will be taken into a Practice Session:

IEP - Practice Session.jpeg

The key aspects of this area include:

  • Question Area: In the top-left of this area, you have the different questions for each topic. Each topic has several questions, as indicated by the Question 1 of 5 written in the question area. 
  • Answer Area: In the top-right of this area, you can submit your answer to the questions - this is done by inputting your answer into the white box beneath the Answer heading, and pressing Submit. Sometimes, the answers will be multiple choice: in which case, you simply tap the answer you believe to be correct and press Submit. 
  • Show Hints Button: Above the answer box, you have a Show Hints button. This button will give you general hints to help you in solving the question, and are pre-written by the course creators. This does not affect your overall score in the topic, so feel free to use this when you are stuck! At this time, the hints you see aren't based on your working in the scratch paper area.
  • Scratch Paper Area: In the bottom half of this page, you have some scratch paper, which you can write on freely in the same way you'd be able to write in a notebook within the app. This space is designed for any working out that you would like to do when trying to find the answer to the question. On occasions, when working in this area, your working may show a red underline: this is the AI Math Assistance flagging up an error with your working - and it can offer you suggestions on where you went wrong by tapping the underlined text. 
  • AI Math Assistance & Preview: At the top of the scratch paper, indicated by the blue sparkling star icon, is the AI Math Assistance preview. This area has two main uses: firstly, the preview area will show you what the app recognises your writing to be - which is essential to ensure that the AI Math Assistance can help you (as the most common problem with AI Math Assistance is that the app could not read your writing, and as such the AI misinterprets what you've written). Alongside this, to the left of the preview area, is the AI Math Assistance button: within this, you can enable or disable the tool, as well as see some general tips on how to use it.
  • Recognition Error Button: In the top-right of the scratch paper area is the Recognition Error button. If you believe that the AI Math Assistance tool has mis-read your writing, you can use this button to report this issue to us - where we will use this data to improve our AI Math Assistance's ability to read your math equations in the future. 

Further Questions about Interactive Exam Practice?

If you have any further questions about this tool - feel free to read through some of our FAQ pages for Interactive Exam Practice and AI Math Assistance: