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Interactive Exam Practice - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interactive Exam Practice?

The Interactive Exam Practice is a new set of features introduced in Goodnotes 6. These have been built to help students prepare for their exams - and allow for students to work through interactive practice questions within Goodnotes, with a set of powerful tools to support you through your studies.

Interactive Exam Practice is comprised of three core features: the Enhanced Practice Interface, AI Math Assistance, and the Course Dashboard. This trio of tools creates a comprehensive and interactive learning environment, providing students with a powerful resource for mastering math.

How do I access this feature?

The Interactive Exam Practice courses are available to all full Goodnotes 6 users! For Free Tier users, the first topic in each course is available for free, to allow you to try the experience.

To access these courses, go to the Marketplace, and all available courses will be listed under the Education heading. From there, simply select the course you want to download, and press the Free button. This will add the course to your Documents View, where you can access the course in the same way you would any other notebook.

Where does Goodnotes source the exam content from?

We work closely with subject-matter experts in the education field to build courses that supplement your learning of each specific course. We have also worked with textbook publishing houses (who have years of experience in producing this content) in order to ensure that the content in our courses align closely with other study materials for the exams. 

For example, in the case of the Hong Kong DSE's, we worked closely with the publishing house EPH, who is an official publisher for study materials in Hong Kong.

I want to use Interactive Exam Practice to study for my exams, how do I send a request for new exams and courses in the app?

Whilst unfortunately we can't make any specific guarantees on specific new courses being added, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions on which courses you'd like to see covered in Goodnotes.

To share your feedback on this with us, feel free to to submit a feature request through our Customer Support team.