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AI Math Assistance - Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Math Assistance?

Within Interactive Exam Practice topics for Mathematics, our AI Math Assistance allows for you to double check your working in real-time! This can give you information on if something doesn't quite look right in your calculations, and even give you hints when you are not sure how to proceed.

How does AI Math Assistance work?

In short, the process can be broken down into two steps:

  1. The app will take your handwritten math equations, read them, and convert them into a format that our AI Math Assistance can read.
  2. The AI Math Assistance will then compare what you've written to the correct answer for your equation, as well as comparing the equation to other lines previously written (to ensure consistency across the different lines). 

What this results in is a system that can detect both incorrect mathematical answers, in addition to being able to flag up inconsistencies across your different steps to highlight where in the steps you went wrong. 

How do I use AI Math Assistance?

To use AI Math Assistance, simply open up a topic within an Interactive Exam Practice course for maths. Once in a topic, simply write out an equation on the scratch paper below the question, and then look to the Preview Window at the top of the scratch paper (indicated by a blue star).

  • You will first notice that the equation you have written will appear next to the star icon. This will show you what the AI has read your calculations to be - this is a great tool to double check if the AI has correctly read your equations.
  • If you have made a mistake at any point in the calculations, you will notice a red line underneath the particular error. Tapping on this red line will bring up the Math Assistance pop-up, where you will see the errors or inconsistencies you have made - and allow you to adjust this accordingly. 

For more tips on getting the most out of your AI Math Assistance, see: Getting Started with Interactive Exam Practice

Am I able to use AI Math Assistance outside of Interactive Exam Practice?

Unfortunately at this time, the AI Math Assistance feature is only accessible within scratch paper in Interactive Exam Practice topics. 

Are the notes I write in AI Math Assistance private?

Any notes taken within the Interactive Exam Prep scratch paper is not saved into the app - and in addition, our AI Math Assistance will not send any data externally to any third-party API. As such, anything written within this scratch paper is completely private and accessible only by you. 

For more information on this, see: GoodNotes Privacy Policy.

I think the AI has incorrectly calculated something, how do I check this?

Strictly speaking, the AI Math Assistance does not make mistakes in a mathematical sense. With that being said, there are definitely a few things to bear in mind when using this feature (which can often explain why the AI Math Assistance has seemingly made a mistake:

  • The math you've written has not been properly recognised by the app: This is the most common issue which can cause problems with the AI Math Assistance. In short, if the app misreads your writing, it can result in lines of your equation being improperly underlined as incorrect.

    The easiest fix for this is to ensure you're checking the Preview section at the top of your scratch paper when you are writing lines of math. By checking this, you can make sure that the app is correctly reading your writing. Alternatively, you can check to see what our app is reading your math as by selecting the Lasso Tool > Circling your equations > Convert to Math (which is accessed by long-pressing the equation with your finger). 
  • You are trying to complete some forms of mathematics that the app doesn't support: At this time, there are a few things that our AI Math Assistance cannot process - including:
    • Calculus 
    • Matrix Algebra
    • Anything relating to shapes.
    • Anything that includes geometry.
    • Anything with mathematical inequalities.