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Why can I no longer use AI Typing?

If you have used AI Typing features extensively, you may have come across a message saying your quota has hit its limit. 

What is the AI quota?

As AI Typing is part of the Goodnotes AI Experimental Features, there are currently limits set to how much it can be used. This ensures fair usage and allows us to maintain the feature’s performance and availability for all users. Rest assured, once the quota resets, you’ll be able to continue using the feature as usual.

What can I do now?

Your AI Typing quota should reset weekly. When you reach the quota limitation, you will temporarily be unable to make use of AI Typing features until the quota resets.

Can I extend my quota?

Currently, it is not possible to extend the quota limit. However, we understand the value of having the ability to extend the quota. We are continuously working on improving the feature and in the future, there may be a possibility to extend the quota limit. Stay tuned for updates and enhancements to AI Typing as we strive to provide the best user experience possible.


If you have more questions about Goodnotes AI, please see refer to our FAQs.