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I'm on trial for Goodnotes 6 and love the app. How do I switch to the one-time purchase option?

There are 2 types of free trials of Goodnotes 6 for 2 groups of users:

  1. Users owning the paid version of GoodNotes 5.
  2. Users using the free version of GoodNotes 5 + new users of Goodnotes 6, having never downloaded GoodNotes 5.

If you're of type 1 and started the Goodnotes 6 trial, you can open the Goodnotes menu and choose Skip Trial:

If you're of type 2 and started the Goodnotes 6 trial, you can cancel the trial immediately (*) and get the one-time purchase:

  1. Tap the ⚙️ icon in the top-right corner of the Library view > Account (the first option, showing your username).
  2. Tap Subscription Type > Manage (top-right corner) > End Subscription.

  3. Sign out of the current Goodnotes account on the Account Info page and sign back in. If you run into a "Subscription detected" error message, see Why am I getting "Subscription detected from App Store"?

You can find the one-time purchase option from Goodnotes menu > Unlock Premium Features > Show all plans > One-time payment.


(*) If you don't cancel the trial at least one day before it ends, you'll be automatically charged for an annual subscription and you will need to cancel it, ask Apple for a refund, then switch to the one-time payment.