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What happens after the Goodnotes 6 free trial ends?

After the trial ends, all your notes will still be safe. Additionally, what will happen next depends on whether you bought GoodNotes 5 before the trial.

If you'd paid for GoodNotes 5 when you started the trial

After the trial:

  • You'll be switched to the free plan of Goodnotes 6 with a reminder to choose a pricing plan to unlock the full potential of Goodnotes 6. If you remain in the free plan, an important limitation is that only 3 of your documents will be editable; you can choose 3 specific documents for editing and the rest will be read-only.
  • You can toggle back to GoodNotes 5 to regain all the editing capabilities for your documents.

If you hadn't paid for GoodNotes 5 (that is, were using the free version of it) when you started the trial

After the trial:

  • You will be switched to the yearly plan of Goodnotes 6. To avoid an automatic renewal charge, you might want to cancel the trial while it's still active.


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