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Goodnotes for Schools and Businesses - License Key FAQs

If you have obtained a License Key for your school or business, you might have seen different messaging appear in-app based on the License Key you have installed. This messaging will appear in your settings or at the bottom of the library view, as an in-app banner, and is designed to help you install, maintain and monitor your License Key usage and link you to the best place for help.

What does the banner message at the bottom of the library view mean?

See the below list of messaging that might appear and what you will need to do in order to resolve:

License Key Activated:

This banner indicates a successful indication and will show your expiry date for your License Key. The expiry date is something that will be in effect as long as your License Key runs and can be extended at the date shown, either by purchasing another year's subscription for businesses, or reaching out to our Educational Licensing team for schools.

License Key Invalid:

This banner indicates one of two instances and will occur when there is an error with the License Key itself. Either the License Key is not valid itself and is likely caused by an error or typo in copying the generated License Key. As such, be sure to review the License Key matches that which was sent in the email to you.

Otherwise, this can be caused by an error on the backend which we may be unaware of. In which case we can investigate the cause and provide assistance. In this instance, please provide diagnostic logs to our Educational or Enterprise Licensing team. To export your diagnostic data, please open Goodnotes ⚙️ menu in the top-right corner of the Documents tab > About > Export Diagnostic Data.

Internet Connection Required:

This banner will appear when the License Key has been pushed to your devices via MDM but a criteria of the installation is not being met on the target device, in this instance, no internet connection. For installation to complete, end-user devices need to be connected to an internet connection during this process, otherwise the License Key will not validate properly. To remove this banner, simply connect the device to the internet and the issue should resolve. If not, there might be an issue connecting to our license key server; in that case, you can just wait until the app retries a successful connection, or contact us with your Diagnostic Data.

Heartbeat Expired:

This banner will appear on a device with a valid License Key, however this warning indicates an issue with the device in particular. As our License Keys support floating seats on each license deployment, it is important that your end-users access the internet and use the app to validate their usage.
This means that if a device does not connect to an internet connection at least once in any 30 consecutive days, the seat will be automatically removed from the configuration and the user will receive this warning informing them as such. To reconnect, the user simply needs to open the app and connect to an available internet connection in order to validate once more.

Device Limit Reached:

This banner will appear when the License Key being deployed has ran out of available seats to deploy. For Business users, this may mean you need to redistribute seats in order to free up previously assigned ones, or that you need to buy more for your License Key. Contact our Enterprise team for further information on purchasing additional seats or reassigning current seats.
For Educational users, this may mean that you either need to redistribute seats on your key or that you require further seats on your deployment. Contact our Educational Licensing email you received your License Key from, for further information.

Device Removed From License:

This will only appear if you have completed the Remove Device section in the settings of the app. This setting allows you to remove a specific device from your deployment, without the need of removing it on the License Key side. If you were to head into the Goodnotes ⚙️ menu > About > Remove Device, you will find a warning appear that asks if you want to remove this device from the License Key deployment. If you choose to Remove Device, the app will revert to the free version and will be removed from your License Key deployment until re-enrolled. If you want to reinstate usage, tap Re-enroll, as shown within the in-app banner.

For users who have a URL-based License Key for Goodnotes, you would instead see the option to 'Revert to Non-Institutional Version' as an option to remove your device from the License Key. This would allow you to remove the device from the license and also revert to the non-institutional version of the app, if the app was installed via the public App Store. 

Do I need a new license key when the app says it's expiring soon?

No, you don't. The license key will be renewed automatically.

How do I add more seats to the license key?

Please contact us with the license key as above. For business users, please also provide the full business name, address and any tax ID information required, along with the desired number of seats to be added.