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Understanding Document Status Icons

You can now access and edit your recent documents even in offline environments, empowering you to continue your note-taking experience without the need of constant internet connection. The icons of your documents provide a clear indicator of the status for each notebook in your library.

When opening your library, you may see the following icons.


Pending Preload

When the document is pending download, it means the document is scheduled for preload but preload has not started yet.



When the document is preloading. Once the preloading is completed, you could access the document offline.



When the document is downloaded successfully, a checkmark icon will briefly appear and then disappear.


Preload Error

In rare cases where an error occurs during preloading, the exclamation icon is shown. If the internet connection is restored but the icon remains stuck at this stage, you can attempt to resolve the issue by tapping the refresh icon.


Online only

If you are offline and the document has not been preloaded, it will not be available offline. The thumbnail will be greyed out to indicate that internet connection is required to access the document. Once the document is accessed online, it will automatically be preloaded for offline access the next time.



You could differentiate which document is available to access offline, by going offline. If your desired document is not available to access offline, simply open the document in online mode and it would be preloaded to access offline.