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Using the Tape Tool in your Notebooks

The Tape Tool is a great way to study using active recall and can be used to hide and show information in your Notebooks with a single touch. 


What is the Tape Tool?

The Tape Tool can be used to cover a sentence or answer in your Notebook which can then be revealed with a simple touch. It is a great way to study using active recall, a method of study for revision to help with memory. The Tape Tool can be used in cases where you may not want to create a whole new Study Set.


Using the Tape Tool 

The Tape Tool can be found in your Handwriting Toolbar. When selected, simply use your pen to draw a line over your chosen text. You will then find that the text underneath can no longer be seen. To reveal the text below, simply tap the Tape with your finger. You can also do this in Read-Only Mode!

In Toolbar.jpeg


Here you can see how Tape can be used to cover up an answer, which will be revealed with a tap of your finger. 


The Tape Tool also allows you to set the option for always drawing straight lines, no matter how uneven your stroke is. This can be activated and deactivated in the Tape Tool settings:

  1. Select the Tape Tool in the Toolbar by tapping on it.
  2. Tap on the icon a second time to bring up the settings.
  3. Enable or disable Draw in Straight Line.



Tip: You can also write on top of your Tape if you need to add a hint. However, please note that erasing notes written on top of your Tape will erase the tape and the underlying text, so please be careful of this. 


Choosing a color and thickness

Just like the Pen, Highlighter and Shape Tools, the Tape Tool has a contextual menu on the right-hand side of the Toolbar. You can then customize a color or thickness slot by tapping it twice.



Move or Erase Tape

You can move and erase Tape just like any other Notes item in your Notebook.

Move Tape

Using the Lasso Tool, you will be able to move your Tape and anything underneath it. If you only want to move your Tape, you will first need to disable other items in your Lasso settings. 

  1. Select the Lasso Tool in the toolbar by tapping on it.
  2. Tap on the icon a second time to bring up the settings.
  3. Disable all other items that aren't Tape in order to only move the Tape. 


Erasing Tape

By default, the Eraser Tool will erase everything that touches its path, meaning that if you erase your Tape, anything underneath it will also be erased. To avoid this, make sure you set the Eraser to Erase Tape Only. 

  1. Select the Eraser Tool in the toolbar by tapping on it
  2. Tap on the icon a second time to bring up the settings
  3. Enable Erase Tape Only.



Sharing Notebooks with Tape

You can share your Notebooks with Tape with other Goodnotes users. Your peers will also be able to use the Tape functionality so long as they are using Goodnotes 6. This can be done through Collaboration or by Exporting your document. 

Please note: If you are sharing a document as a PDF, Tape will only appear on the page and will not be interactive as Tape is an exclusive feature of Goodnotes 6.