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Why can't I see my subscription and notebooks after logging back in?

Re-login would not result in lost of subscriptions or notebooks. Your membership and notebooks are safely stored with your account. If you cannot see them after logging in again, here are some reasons why:

  • Your subscription account might have been deleted. Remember, deleting your account on one platform deletes it across all platforms (iOS/Android/Windows/Web) and it is irreversible.
  • You might have multiple accounts, and you could be logged into one without your original subscription. If you are unsure, try logging in with different providers to find the original one:
    • Your email + Sign in with Microsoft
    • Your email + Sign in with Google
    • Your email + Sign in with Apple

After logging in, tap the Gear icon at the upper right to Manage account and check your membership type.

Note: The email address you received the receipt with is only for payment records and might not be the same one you use to log into your account.