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How does Scribble work with GoodNotes 5?

Since iOS and iPadOS 14, Apple has introduced native support for Scribble

With iPadOS 14, Apple introduces "Scribble", which lets you use your Apple Pencil to write into every native text field and have your handwriting automatically converted into typed text. GoodNotes 5 is using native text fields everywhere you can insert keyboard text, for example when entering the title for a notebook or folder, typing in the global search bar or in-document search, adding outline items, and typing text in text boxes. That means Scribble will work out of the box in GoodNotes, with a few points to keep in mind:

  • Scribble does not use GoodNotes' own ink engine, but instead uses Apple PencilKit, which is also found in other apps like Apple's Notes.
  • The languages that Scribble currently supports might not be the same as those supported for handwriting recognition in GoodNotes. GoodNotes' language settings don't have any effects on Scribble as this is a system-wide feature.
  • Scribble is not to be confused with GoodNotes' handwriting-to-text feature. The former allows writing in text fields with Apple Pencil so that you won't have to type.
  • Scribble might not obey the capitalization settings of your device, e.g. "Auto-Capitalization" in device Settings > Keyboard. Sadly, GoodNotes has no control over this, so you might want to let Apple know to improve the feature in a future iPadOS version.