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Goodnotes on iPadOS/iOS is not syncing with the Mac app

To keep your documents and data synchronized across devices, please make sure that all the following conditions are met:

  1. You have the latest Goodnotes version on all your devices (iPad, iPhone, Mac). For example, if Goodnotes on your iPhone has an older or newer version than Goodnotes on your Mac, iCloud sync might not work. The best way to make sure is to open the app description page, and select the "Update" button if it's available. (The App Store icon sometimes does not indicate there are pending updates.)
  2. You're logged in to all your devices with the same iCloud ID (your Apple ID).
  3. "Use iCloud to Sync Documents" is enabled in Goodnotes Settings > Cloud & Backup > Cloud Storage on all of your devices.
  4. Your Mac has "Sync this Mac" enabled in System Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Drive, and "Goodnotes" enabled in the list that appears when clicking "Apps syncing to iCloud Drive"

  5. You have enough storage space available in iCloud Drive.

If the issue remains, see iCloud sync issues.