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Getting Started with the Marketplace

In the Goodnotes Marketplace, you can buy a variety of planners, paper templates, covers and stickers created by a range of third-party content creators. 

The Marketplace can be accessed through the Sidebar in-app:


Purchase content in the Marketplace

Purchasing content in the Marketplace is easy! Simply navigate to the product you wish to buy, press the Buy button, indicated by the price, and then follow the Apple purchase flow pop-up shown. Once done, the product will automatically be added to your Documents View, Elements Collection, or Template Library (depending on the product purchased). 

Access previously purchased content in the Marketplace

Any content purchased in the Marketplace can be downloaded multiple times from the original Apple ID used for purchasing. To re-download content that you've previously purchased, simply navigate to this purchase in the Marketplace, and press the Get button. This will re-prompt a download of the content, and will seamlessly add this to your application.

If you're having trouble with this, you can also try to manually restore your purchases:

  1. Open the Goodnotes Marketplace, and tap the ... button located to the right of the various content tabs. 
  2. In this ... dropdown, tap the Restore Purchases button, and then re-follow the steps listed above to access previously purchased content.

Want to sell your creations on the Marketplace?

Scroll the Home tab of Marketplace to the bottom and choose "Join Our Community of Creators".

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