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Why am I seeing "running out of allocated diskspace" alert?

Due to storage constraint, the device allocates a portion of the total disk space for this app. All the operations performed within the app involve saving associated data to storage. When you see this alert, it indicates that the allocated storage has been fully utilized, and as a result, further actions cannot be supported.


What can I do about this warning?

While you can still view existing documents offline, editing functionality requires available storage space. To continue editing documents, we suggest clearing some disk space on your device by removing unnecessary data, such as photos and media files. However, we do not recommend to clear your browser cache, as it may lead to the unintended loss of notes.

Is there anything I can do to mitigate this type of issues?

To mitigate issues related to allocated disk space, consider adopting a proactive approach to manage your device's storage efficiently. Regularly review and remove unnecessary files to ensure that there's ample space for the app to operate smoothly.


Can I delete Goodnotes document to create storage space?

Please note that deleting any Goodnotes file to make storage space would permanently delete your documents from the Goodnotes Cloud.